Coolest Crayola Colors Box Cake

I got this idea from this website. My niece Katia turned 6 years old and she loves to color everything, so when I saw this idea, I knew I would have to try to duplicate it. My nephews Anthony and Arthur helped me with this homemade Crayola colors box cake.

I baked two rectangular cakes and placed one on top of the other, but cut the top one to give the idea that the box was open and to make place for the colors. The crayola colors are ice cream cones and we put whipped cream in different colors. It was fun but a lot of work. She enjoyed it.

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  1. Sadly this was the last cake I baked for my niece Katia. She was killed in a car accident 6 months later after her 6th birthday. I love you my princess!

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