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Coolest Crime Scene Cake

I made this crime scene cake based off of the TV show NCIS (a show basically about Navy cops).

The cake is red velvet with cream cheese icing, which I turned gray with food coloring, (2 blue, 4 red, and 4 yellow over and over again until I thought it looked like road gray). The grass is just coconut with a couple drops of green food coloring mixed in a plastic sandwich bag.

The crime scene tape is made from fruit roll-ups. If you wet the ends and rap them around the candles before you place the candles it is easy. The crime scene markers are starbursts. I warmed a knife with hot water and it cut right through them.

For the blood splatter, I just put some red food coloring on a paper plate and then dipped a small (and very clean and new) wet paintbrush in it and ran my finger through the bristles. I bought the army guys that I put on the side and found a mold for the Navy chocolates in a cake store. The white chalk outline and the road line are just white cream cheese icing.

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