Cool Homemade Critter Cake

This critter cake is only my second. I took a rectangular cake(boxed) and cut it in half. I put homemade lemon curd on the top of one half and then stacked the other half on top. I then covered it with butter cream.

I coloured my fondant with Kelly green and lemon yellow color, rolled it and placed it on the cake. The dragonfly, frog, leaves. bamboo, and lizard are made out of gum paste that I have been working on the the past week. Because my modeling skills are not great, I chose to paint everything after so that I could focus more on getting the figures right. I mixed vodka with the colour to get the desired consistency.

I glued them to the cake with watered down gum paste and propped them with left over fondant from the cake ( so the colour was the same and not as noticable). My piping skills are not great so there is a poor attempt at at a few random flowers and what I was hoping would look like flowering ginger.

This cake was made fully of cake and well I guess you would say different icings, so is completely edible. Oh, and I spelt birthday wrong on purpose.

1 thought on “Cool Homemade Critter Cake”

  1. “Wow” for this being your 2nd cake ,Awesome job !
    This cake looks like it was made from those fancy foo,foo cake shops. Keep up the great cakes.
    My niece loves insects and I’ll be making her cake in a couple of weeks so we’ll see what I come up with.


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