Coolest Crown Birthday Cake

I am new to making homemade cakes. It used to be that I could barely make a 2 layer cake without messing it up. But I have 2 kids that all I have done is buy sheet cakes for their birthdays for years and I just recently decided, why can’t I do this?

This crown cake pan is a Wilton pan I got at Party City – very affordable! I offered to make my neighbors 9th Birthday cake and thought this crown birthday cake would be perfect. I used a white cake mix and followed a basic butter cream icing I found online. I followed the directions on how to make the cake on the Wilton website. They tell you all the things you need to buy to make the cake and the instructions are very easy to understand! I always make my cake the night before and refrigerate it overnight. I also make the icing the night before, color it the appropriate colors and also refrigerate it. One tip, before icing it the next day I would take it out at least a half hour before putting it in the piping bag(it gets pretty hard from being in the fridge).

I improvise a bit when making this cake, for example, I might use a different tip than the directions called for, if I think I will like another one better and since I am still new at this whole cake making, I don’t always copy the picture exactly. I feel like whatever works is fine.

The end result was the cake was moist and the icing turned out well and the cake tasted great and mostly importantly my 9 year old neighbor was very surprise and loved it!

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