Coolest Crown Cake

I made this crown cake for my husband’s birthday. My husband prides in calling himself a King. Red and Black is his favorite color, so that’s how I came up with the colors to use. I wanted to make this a project that my two children could also be a part of.

First thing I did was made fondant a couple days earlier and colored them. The cake was made up of 1 6′ cake and 2 8′ layers. The flavors were strawberry and chocolate and a simple buttercream icing. It took 2 days to make this cake for drying time.

The crown and scepter are made of fondant. I cut out the crown using a ruler and various cutouts and imprints on a flat surface. I let it hardened a little then I set it up forming it into a circle. I bonded it together using some royal icing. The scepter was made using a pretzel stick with fondant wrapped around it, and 2 fondant balls were made and a black fondant disk which were attached and were left to dry.

Now after making the cakes and icing them I covered them in white fondant. I created a red paint using food coloring gel. I took a sponge dipped it in the dye and started patting my cake with it never patting in the same place until both cakes were covered. Next day I stacked the cakes, and used black royal icing to design them and wrapped the borders in black ribbon. As for the crown and scepter my children decorated them with stick on gems we purchased from WalMart.

This cake was fun to make, my husband was thrilled.

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