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Coolest Curios George Birthday Cake

This Curios George Birthday Cake was for my nephew Yaacov. I read the story of Curious George and from that I made my design. I started in ” the forest” then went to the city where the zoo was and then up in the air with the balloons just like Curious George did in the story and finished it with the hat and some bananas under it (that was a trick to get Curious George from the forest) so is like a little story in a cake.

The monkey (George) and everything else is made out of fondant (except the clouds). I learned how to make the monkey face in a tutorial in youtube.com (really easy, is like play dough!).

The three cakes were almond flavored, they were supported by straws (regular drinking straws) and a sharpen wooden dowel in the middle of the whole thing. Frosting is butter cream (Wilton recipe, the best so far) with almond flavor (delicious!) gave the color to the icing and fondant with Wilton food coloring “gel paste” Everyone loved it.

I had a lot more pans for the cake but not much time in my hands ( for example I wanted to make the trees with leaves and George hanging or sitting on it, I wanted to make little cars in the “city” section, If you want you can make it! I made the cake Friday morning, wrapped it in saran plastic paper and decorated the whole thing late Saturday night (by that I mean 1:2:3:am on the morning of Sunday, even the monkey was made that night! or should I say…morning??) Hope this helps or gives you some ideas to create you own design.

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