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Sweet Homemade Buttercream Curious George Birthday Cake

Due to lack of time and the fact that this Curious George Birthday Cake was the first cake that I’ve ever decorated, I purchased a plain white iced cake from the grocery store. I then bought Wilton white decorators icing to tint myself.

First, I tried to make brown by mixing green and red, but it didn’t come out the way I wanted, so I ended up buying Betty Crocker brown chocolate icing. I mixed extra white icing to make the lighter brown. I also purchased already prepared black icing for the outlines. I tinted my own pink and yellow for my final colors.

Next, I free handed a drawing from a picture online to a piece of paper and then traced that drawing onto wax paper. After slightly freezing the cake to firm up the icing I tried to copy the drawing onto the cake using a toothpick (like another cake submitter did). However, I was unsuccessful…my wax paper stuck! So, I had to again free hand my George drawing onto the cake with just a toothpick.

Finally, I traced the toothpick outline with my black icing using a round tip (#3). I filled in George with a star tip (#16). I used a star tip (#32) to make the border. Again, I used the round tip (#3) to make my writing. I definitely (after trying both) would recommend writing cursive as opposed to the print that I tried. The cursive looked more smooth and was easier to complete.

Before I used the icing to write on the cake I used a toothpick to mark what I was going to write. This was a lot of fun. It probably took me about 3 hours to complete.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Homemade Buttercream Curious George Birthday Cake”

  1. I’m impressed with this as a “free-hand” drawn cake! I might need to make this one for my children – they both love Curious George (they each have their own stuffed one). . .SO cute! I like to see cakes that don’t require a special pan.

  2. Simply amazing! I still cannot get over the fact that this is your first cake. I would have paid copious amounts of money for this and been more than satisfied. Good luck with your future cakes…there will be future cakes RIGHT?!


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