Cute Homemade Chocolate Curious George Cake

I decided to have a Curious George themed birthday for my son’s first birthday. As most moms out there will see, there is no cake pan or design specific to Curious George, so I had to tap into my unfound artistic skills.

I used a 12″ square cake pan to bake 2 boxes of regular devil’s food cake mix. I then frosted the cake with regular whipped chocolate frosting. I bought a pre-mixed box of fondant with 4 colors in 4 oz. packages at Hobby Lobby. I drew Curious George’s head on parchment paper to use a stencil. I rolled the dark brown fondant over the outline of the top portion of his head, flipped the parchment over and cut along the lines and placed the dark brown fondant on the cake. I then rolled the light brown fondant over the muzzle area and his ears and again flipped and cut out.

The hardest part of the cake had to be placing the light brown over the dark brown fondant. I repeated the same steps with black and pink fondant for his mouth. I finished the cake off by outlining and drawing his nose on using black decorating gel.

The Curious George Cake was a hit and I received TONS of compliments, even on the taste! I will definitely do this cake again when Sam will be able to appreciate his mother’s artistic talents.

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