Coolest Dad’s Garden Cake

My dad was 83 this year and as he is a keen gardener and always complaining about his rhubarb. I decided to make him a cake which was all about him.

The cake was 10 inches in diameter and made from a Christmas Fruit cake recipe – so that it would last. Over a number of days I modelled my dad and my step mum Eileen. She is modelling shorts and blouse – these are the clothes she always wears. Dad is never seen without a shirt and tie – even in the middle of summer and even in the garden – so that’s what he’s wearing. He is also styling a cap and I put a blackbird on his head.

I covered the cake in green fondant and sat dad in the middle of the rhubarb plant reading his daily newspaper – made from sugar paste. He has had a rabbit in the garden recently so I placed a bunny next to him. I made a bird table – because he loves birds and placed bird on it.

I made a wheelbarrow from sugar paste and filled it with sugarpaste carrots. A watering can is also in the picture. Finally I adorned the cake with flowers.

My Dad’s Garden Cake was a big hit and dad absolutely loved this cake so much he invited all his old friends to come and see it. They all said it captured his essence.

Coolest Dad's Garden Cake

Coolest Dad's Garden Cake

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