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Coolest Daisy And Ladybug Birthday Cake

This Daisy And Ladybug Birthday Cake was a cake request I had for a 5 year old little girl’s birthday. I found a picture of a cake similar to this online to use as a guide.

I made the cake using 2 12 inch round pans. I filled the 2 layers with my homemade buttercream. Once filled I printed a picture of a daisy face from my computer and cut it out. I then placed the cutout on the cake and traced around it’s edge using a #4 tip and piping bag. I then did the blue background (iced smooth).

Once the background was done I then star tipped (#17) the daisy. To make the ladybug I baked one cupcake and then just cut the top off and used that for my little bug. I star tipped on the black dividing line, face and dots first then filled the rest in with red.

This was a really fun cake and I think it turned out pretty cute too.

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