Coolest Daisy Cake

This Daisy cake was made for my friend’s granddaughter for her 3rd birthday. I started by making two butterflies out of flower paste and left them to harden, then I coloured them in with edible colour paste and added a it of glitter.

I baked 3x 8” sandwich cakes and they were left to go cold. I then filled with butter cream and jam and then covered the whole cake with butter cream and placed in the fridge to chill for 10min.

Meanwhile I colored some roll out icing in pink and then placed the cake just off center on the cake board and covered the whole cake in the pink icing, also covering the cake board. I then pressed flower shapes into the icing on the cake board all around the edge.

With some white icing I cut out the petal shapes and attached to the top of the cake with a little water. I then coloured a small amount of icing yellow for the center of the flower, but I kept a bit back for the center of some of the other flowers I have got to make. I pressed the center of the flower with a mesh sieve for a bit of detail, and attached this to the cake.

With white icing I cut out some small flowers and coloured some icing in red then I cut out the number 3, and cut out some hearts. These were positioned around the cake and a few flowers were placed on the cake board. I then attached a yellow ribbon around the base of the cake with a small bow and pipe iced the birthday message on the board. Finally I attached the butterflies to the top of the cake.

Homemade  Daisy Cake

Homemade  Daisy Cake

Homemade  Daisy Cake

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