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Coolest Dartboard Birthday Cake

I made this dartboard birthday cake for my cousin’s birthday. She is a huge dart player and absolutely loved it. I printed a picture of a dartboard and blew it so that it was slightly smaller than the 9″ round cake I made.

I traced the image onto parchment paper and then traced that with piping gel, I transferred the template onto the white frosted cake and outlined all the lines with a grey tinted buttercream frosting.

Once I piped all the lines it was just a matter of taking my time and filling in the rest of the colors with either a star tip of a very small writing tip to get into the edges. I didn’t leave quite enough room for the numbers so I had to make do with the space I had. I added a shell border at the end to hide my imperfections and wrote Happy Birthday on the side.

This cake was so much fun to make and it was such a huge hit! We looked for dart candles all over the internet and didn’t find any but we thought that would be a great touch.

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