Well, thought this dartboard cake would be an easy one and how wrong I was! Made the cake which is chocolate layered into 3 with chocolate ganashe filling. Then I covered it with fondant icing.

I then started to think about putting the dartboard on it. I eventually copied a picture of a dartboard from the internet. No need to print, just put a piece of thin paper over your screen and trace it. I then used the pin pricks and cocoa tip to get the outline. I pinpricked the design and then sprinkled it with cocoa, just a little. This gave me the rough outline of the dartboard.

I painted each segment in the appropriate colour and then piped the ‘wires’ and the numbers. After they were dry I painted them with silver edible paint. I made the dart of out fondant strengthened with gum tragacanth and made the ‘flight’ out of rice paper coloured with edible pens.

I then made a ‘note’ out of fondant to look like a folded napkin and attached that to the board with the dart, which had a piece of spaghetti in the end to strengthen it and also to be able to pierce through the note. I wrote the greeting on the note with edible pen. The reason I say it was not easy is because of the way the segments are arranged you cannot just draw lines across your cake to make them as I at first thought I could do.

Believe me it is not an easy cake to do. But, I was pleased with the results and so were the recipients!