Coolest Darth Vadar Cake

What to bake for a 35 year old? Obviously a Darth Vadar cake! The idea came to me from seeing the cake tin advertised on My boyfriend loves all things Star Wars and I knew he would appreciate this.

I was concerned about how the cake would come out in the mold so didn’t do anything too fancy – just a regular chocolate sponge recipe (6oz flour, sugar, butter, 3 eggs, spoon of coco powder.)

The icing was the real issue – I wanted it black and shiny but without losing the detail from the cake tin. So, I got a great recipe from my friend’s mum. It’s basically icing sugar, butter, coco, and condensed milk colored with black food coloring.

It came out great. Tasted a little bitter from the coloring so I served with cream and raspberries – was great!

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