Coolest Darth Vader Cake

This is a Darth Vader cake that I copied from a cake on your website. It was the first time that I ever attempted fondant, so it is not great, but it was fun to make and I am pretty proud of it. I used home made marshmallow fondant which was easy to use, but a word to the wise, be careful when using the food color gel because if you use too much, it will give your fondant a bitter flavor.

I made 2, 9 inch round cakes and then baked a cake in a stainless steel bowl (Cook according to bundt pan directions so your cake will cook thoroughly). I always freeze the cakes before I cut them and shape them so it is easier. Also, the extra cake that I cut off, I put in a bowl and mashed it with icing into a dough that I used to fill in gaps and spaces. When I was done covering with the fondant and had everything done, I painted on a little water to smooth out messies and make it look shiny.

This was all done in July in Georgia so it was very humid, so Darth sweated black sweat and my fingernails were black for a week (wear gloves!!). Anyway, I could not have done it without the advise from the people on this site! Thanks so much!!

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