Cool Homemade Death Star Cake

My boys are Star Wars crazy! This Death Star cake was white cake on the bottom and chocolate cake on the top. The top I baked in a Pyrex bowl and the bottom in a regular 9″ pan.

The frosting is a butter cream frosting with all colors blended together to make the gray. I put it on a board covered it in black and put stars on it for the “space look”. I bought the ship at the store…it’s a toy that I stuck a bamboo skewer in and put the gray icing on to blend it.

2 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Death Star Cake”

  1. Thank you for posting! It’s the best result I’ve seen yet that I think a beginner like me can pull off. I might actually try to make one myself now :)

  2. My son turns 7 years old in just a few weeks, and this is his third Star Wars theme party! He wants me to make your Death Star cake,and he tells me I have always wanted that Anakin ship mom!Thank you for sharing, and now we have a cake to make that is not to difficult.. Tee Hee


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