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Coolest Deer Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a deer/hunting type cake for my brother in law’s birthday. I just wasn’t sure about doing a 3-d version of a deer. I started this Deer Birthday Cake with a chocolate cake mix and made an 8 inch square cake.

I cut the cake and put a layer of homemade chocolate buttercream frosting in the middle. I put a crumb coat of icing on the cake. Then I took a simple deer picture and outlined the design on wax paper using a small round tip and some of the icing. Then just lay it on the cake and smooth a little, pull it off and the outline of the picture should be there. I then used the same small tip and went back over the outline and filled in the deer using a star tip.

I used black icing gel to darken the chocolate icing for the antlers and mixed in white buttercream to create a lighter brown for the deer. I wanted to try to do the background in camouflage but my green colors were a little too close in color. I just used a large star tip to do a border on the top & bottom of the cake.

I had never tried the image transfer method before this and I have to say it is really easy. I really was happy with how it turned out. This was also my first time making buttercream icing instead of using canned icing and it was really good!

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