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Coolest Demon Halloween Cake

Ingredients for this Demon Halloween Cake:

* Ready-to-use white fondant

* Lemon Yellow icing color

* Brown icing color

* Red icing color

* Black icing color

* Copper icing color

* Buttercream icing


* 3-D Skull pan

* rolling pin

* roll & cut mat

* Decorator brush set

* Fondant/Gum paste tool set

* Craft knife

* Ultra Trim & Turn

* small wooden dowel

Makes: Cake serves 12


Step 1:

Bake cake according to directions, place cake on desired surface then place on turn and trim. Lightly ice with buttercream.

Step 2:

Knead brown and copper icing color into fondant to make skin tone. Use rolling pin to roll out fondant on Roll & Cut Mat. Cover face and trim off excess.

Step 3:

For eyes, use craft knife to cut out eye opening, roll 2 1/4in balls with yellow icing color. Shape to fill out eye opening. For brows roll out two small logs and shape onto brow line to add dimension over eyes. Attach with damp brush using water.

Step 4:

For nose, use craft knife to cut out two long nostrils leaving a slice down middle of nose and give a little shape.

Step 5:

For mouth, use craft knife to slice down across the mouth. Longer in the middle and shorter on sides. Use a random pattern and remove a few slices here and there to achieve this look.

Step 6:

For horns, roll two 2in balls and shape into horns. Use modeling sticks from kit to add details. Insert a 2 1/2in wooden dowel halfway to center of horn, dampen base of horn with wet brush and attach to side of skull also inserting the wooden dowel sticking out of horn into head. Press in lightly to secure horn in place.

Step 7:

Use modeling sticks from kit to add details and dimension to skull head and face.

Step 8:

Now for the fun part, with the red and black icing color using the decorator brush set, add detail and dimension to skull. For a lighter touch of color use a little water to thin out icing color.

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