My friend’s little girl is Minion mad – so desperately wanted a Despicable Me 2 cake for her Minion Party. I made two big chocolate cakes, sandwiched them together with butter cream then set to work decorating them.

This began with covering the cake with blue icing, which I then sprayed with edible spray color to get a more textured and shadowy effect. Then came the minion making. I think I made 39 minions in total – which meant 39 minions, 39 sets of glasses, 39 pairs of dungarees, 78 feet, 78 hands and 78 arms! Not to mention the hair and mouths. I also couldn’t resist making one naked minion, clambering onto the top of the cake. This also included 3 of the purple minions – with one climbing out the top. These were my favorites – they were great fun.

Finally I added some girders and a silhouette of Gru to the sides of the cake. Tragically I somehow managed not to take a shot of the side with Gru’s silhouette – but it was there, I promise!

The little girl in question was thrilled – and the naked minion was saved just for her.