I made this Homemade Despicable Me Birthday Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday, since Despicable Me is his current favorite movie. As far as cake-carving goes, this one was especially easy (as I actually didn’t have to carve anything), it just involved a good deal of attention to detail and time.

The base cake is just a 12×18 sheet cake. The minions are both made of 6″ round cakes (the little one is 2 – 6″ rounds, the big one is 4 – 6″ rounds), each topped with half of the Wilton sports ball pan. I used bubble tea straws (cut to the right length) as supports inside the cakes, and in the base cake, under the minions, so the weight of them didn’t crush the sheet cake.

With the exception of the hair, arms, and “G” symbol (which were all made with gum paste), all the detail work is just molded fondant. For the goggles (which unfortunately broke apart when I was fitting them onto the big minion), I just let the fondant set around a soda can until it was hard. Then I sprayed them with edible silver spray. All the fondant is homemade, just a simple marshmallow fondant recipe.

All in all, it took me about 20-25 hrs over four days. Considering this is only the 3rd cake I’ve ever “carved,” it’s not too bad, even with all the little imperfections all over it!