Coolest Diaper Cake

When searching ideas for my best friend’s baby shower (I was her maid of honor) I stumbled upon diaper cakes. I had never heard of them before but I thought that the idea of a diaper cake was adorable. I wanted to give her something unique, creative and fitting to her princess theme.

While I found several pretty cakes online for sale I got really excited when I found your site and saw how successful folks were at making homemade cakes. I enjoy crafts and taking pride in something that I made by hand. I looked up directions on how to make a diaper cake and decided I would make one for Jenny.

I went to a few craft stores and picked a whole bunch of supplies out. I wasn’t sure that I would use everything but I figured I could play around and see what looked best and take the rest back.

For the bottom center of the cake I used a bottle of baby powder and on the top I used a baby bottle. I ended up using more swaddler diapers than I had anticipated so I needed to make a few trips to the store. I might have been better off going to Cost-co or Sams Club to get just one big box.

To decorate the cake I used foam stickers, a pink feather boa, a princess wand, satin ribbon, rhinestones, curly ribbon and butterflies.

To add to the presentation of the cake I decorated wooden letters to spell out the baby’s name. I decorated the letters with the same materials I used on the cake. After the shower Jenny can use the letters to decorate the baby’s room. They can be hung on the wall or presented on a dresser.

Everyone loved the cake! It was a hit at the shower. Jenny said it was so perfect that she didn’t even plan on taking it apart to use the diapers instead she would keep it for decor in the babies room.

I enjoyed making the cake and would be happy to make more in the future. You can really make it a unique and special presentation tailored to the mom’s theme!

Coolest Diaper Cake

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  1. When you initially told me about the diaper cake, I thought it was edible! Then, you told me about the cake, how it would look, and how the mom-to-be could get use out of it (i.e. diapers). When I first saw the cake, I was speechless! It was so incredibly creative and beautiful. I knew Jenny would love it! The diaper cake was a great success, nice job Crystal!

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