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Cool Homemade Diaper Cake for a Potty Party

This Diaper Cake is a modified version on the diaper cake. When your big kid is ready to potty train, you need to make it seem exciting! So I came up with this idea to throw a Potty Party.

To make the cake I first rolled 1 pack(33) of Huggies Princess pullups and secured them using the clear small hair ties. Then I wrapped them with a large ribbon. This part was a little tricky. You need an extra set of hands (or feet) to hold them in place while securing them. Then for the top layer I pushed 3 disposable princess sippy cups into the diaper tier.

Inside each cup I put 5 Dum Dum suckers. Then I placed 2 big girl Princess Panties in between each cup(a total of 6) and tied a smaller ribbon around them. I put a princess tiara around the top layer. To finish it off I put 4 sheets of princess stickers under the large ribbon of the bottom tier. I served it on a cardboard cake plate.

My daughter thought it was the coolest thing. Every time she used the potty she got to put a sticker on the cake plate. When it was all filled up she got to keep the tiara for her prize!

Cool Homemade Diaper Cake for a Potty Party

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  1. I will most definitely be using this when my dakotah gets to that age. (which just might be soon) :)



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