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Cool Homemade Diaper Cake with Bee Topper

This homemade Diaper cake was made out of size 2 Huggies diapers, about fifty in all.

We started by constructing the three bases out of cardboard, and covering them with tissue paper. Then we created the centers for each layer; these were filled with rolled-up blankets, bottles and onesies, which would be the hidden surprises for the mom-to-be. We then used one row of rolled diapers around each center item, except for the bottom layer where we put two rows of diapers.

The diapers had a neat quilted-type design on them and the colors matched what we were going for, so we rolled them to show the color and quilted pattern. We found that rolling the diapers, and then using a small hair band to fasten them, was a very easy procedure. Once the diapers were around the center item, we kept them in place by tying a large ribbon with a bow around the entire layer. We then stacked the layers and, because the theme of the party was “a baby to bee”, we put a teething ring “bee” on the top. I also inserted a few, small colored roses in some of the diapers. It was fun and pretty easy to do!

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