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Coolest Diaper Cake 68 with Receiving Blankets

I decided to make this Diaper Cake with Receiving Blankets when my sister told me she was having a little boy. My sister strongly dislikes clutter and as this is her first child she is a little freaked out about all the new baby things that are accumulating in her house! Because of that, I decided to downplay the elaborate ribbons and keep the cake cute, but simple. This way she can actually USE the diapers (I used size 2 so she could use them sooner than later) and ‘dispose’ of the cake sooner than later, thus eliminating more random ‘baby stuff’ and (hopefully) some of her stress.

For this Diaper Cake I used 78 size 2 Huggies diapers. I decided to “frost” the cake by wrapping it with blue receiving blankets. Each receiving blanket had a slightly different design (small stars, stripes, solid blue, or polka dots). After that I placed toy links around the edges of the first and second layers. Then I decorated with baby ribbon, blue ribbon, and bath toys.

For the top of the cake I decided to use “rock ‘n rings”. The total time it took me to make it was only 1 hour! (definitely a time saver compared to the others I have made!)

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