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Cool Homemade Diego Scene Birthday Cake

I made this Diego birthday cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. It’s just a box cake with butter cream icing. This was my first attempt at a frozen butter cream transfer. I got the cake idea from others on this website.

The trees were made with leaf tip- I just dragged it to make the tree trunk and then piped leaves all over. The transfer took much longer, probably a couple hours overall. If I do another, I’ll try to pick a picture that’s not so intricate. Basically, you print a b/w picture of your design and then lay a sheet of waxed paper on top. Trace the outline with black frosting and freeze for several minutes.

Then you start filling in by adding layers of color- for example, I started with Diego’s hair and eyes. I found it helpful to brush the icing onto the design instead of piping. Then add another color and freeze. There were several websites with more detailed directions and some even with video. I’d definitely give this another try!

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