Coolest Diego Birthday Cake

This Diego Birthday Cake is a cake for my three year old. My first attempt at “cake decorating”. Usually I just ice and put a candle on it.

This year I used 3 – 9″ cakes with one of the cakes cut in half and stacked to create the “mountain or hill”. A total of 4 layers. I have always preferred Duncan Hines’ Butter Recipe Golden, it’s always moist and yummy! So for this cake I used 2 boxes to make 3 cakes and about 12 cupcake cones.

After baking, filling and stacking the cakes I covered them with chocolate icing and chilled it. Then I added the blue river/waterfall (bottled icing with tips), the black “rocks” (bottled icing with tips) and finished with green tinted from white icing for the border for some “grass”. I positioned the figures, added a bit more grass and was done! Much easier than I thought but still took a couple of hours from start to finish.

I also made cupcake cones. I used a stencil from here to outline hair and fill in with melted chocolate. Chilled them, peeled them and placed them on iced cupcakes. I got the skin colored icing from mixing chocolate and white. Used red bottled icing with tip for mouth and did eyes using the white frosting put in a ziploc bag with corner cut and then chocolate icing done the same way then a dot of black from a bottle. Fairly easy, great for the little ones to handle without using a knife or plates! I know I didn’t do everything “professionally” but like I said “my first try” and mostly I used what I already had on hand.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Diego Birthday Cake”

  1. I am planning my son’s 1st birthday party and it’s themed “Diego”. I was looking 4 a place to buy a Diego cake and came across this idea…I love it!!! I’m gonna try it…wish me luck =)

  2. Love your cake. I’m making my son the cupcakes to take to Daycare and the cake for his party. Hopefully it works out as good as yours.

  3. Thank you for having this on your site. I found it by Googling ‘Diego’ images. It is just what I need for my dtr’s 3rd birthday this month. She is in love with Diego! For some reason, she prefers it to Dora. I love that the ‘cake artist’ told the trick to mixing the choc. & white icing for his skin! I would have been trying to come up with just the right shade w/food coloring from the little tubes & probably would have been frustrated.


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