This Diego Birthday Cake is a cake for my three year old. My first attempt at “cake decorating”. Usually I just ice and put a candle on it.

This year I used 3 – 9″ cakes with one of the cakes cut in half and stacked to create the “mountain or hill”. A total of 4 layers. I have always preferred Duncan Hines’ Butter Recipe Golden, it’s always moist and yummy! So for this cake I used 2 boxes to make 3 cakes and about 12 cupcake cones.

After baking, filling and stacking the cakes I covered them with chocolate icing and chilled it. Then I added the blue river/waterfall (bottled icing with tips), the black “rocks” (bottled icing with tips) and finished with green tinted from white icing for the border for some “grass”. I positioned the figures, added a bit more grass and was done! Much easier than I thought but still took a couple of hours from start to finish.

I also made cupcake cones. I used a stencil from here to outline hair and fill in with melted chocolate. Chilled them, peeled them and placed them on iced cupcakes. I got the skin colored icing from mixing chocolate and white. Used red bottled icing with tip for mouth and did eyes using the white frosting put in a ziploc bag with corner cut and then chocolate icing done the same way then a dot of black from a bottle. Fairly easy, great for the little ones to handle without using a knife or plates! I know I didn’t do everything “professionally” but like I said “my first try” and mostly I used what I already had on hand.