Cool Homemade Diego Cake

I baked three chocolate, two inch round cakes for this Diego cake. I placed one on top of another with butter cream frosting in the middle. The third cake I cut in half and stacked them together with butter cream frosting in the middle.

I inserted three wooden dowels in the bottom cake to support one half of a cake separator that I placed between the lower full circle of cake and the upper half circle of cake for additional support.

I purchased palm trees, desert grass, animals, Diego figurine, and compass from my local Cake Supply store. I covered the cake with butter cream frosting, with forest green food coloring gel. I didn’t try to make the frosting smooth on the cake.

I used piping gel, with sky blue food coloring gel added, to create the waterfall effect and small candy rocks around the edge of the water. I used a grass and leaf tip for foliage.

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Diego Cake”

  1. I just had my son’s Go Diego Go B-day party and was looking on line for some inspiration for a cool cake and your’s was by far the best. I copied it and made my own version and it was a HUGE hit!! Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful ideas!!

  2. Anonymous II
    Reply — I’m so happy to find that someone was able to use my cake as inspiration for there own version of a cake. Did you put it on the site? If yes, I would very much like to see it.


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