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Coolest Diego Mountain Scene Cake

This is the Diego mountain scene cake I made for my son’s fourth birthday, chocolate with banana flavored frosting. Cake was used to make the mountain, the rest was frosting, with the exception of the Diego candle, the plastic baby jaguar, the plastic macaw, and the plastic trees. The lookout tower was frosted cake, same with the stones and water.

It was made using Wilton 10″ cake round, I baked 3 cakes and froze them two days prior. On the day of decorating I took the cakes out one at a time, dust the crumbs off and began assembling the first two layers with banana flavored frosting in the middle. The third cake I cut into the shape of the mountain and added it to the cake as layers (with frosting in between).

I iced the whole cake with yellow frosting for a base except the mountain, it was frosted in green. I used Wilton round tips to make the stones, the Wilton grass tip for the grass, and the star tip for the ruffles. I added the plastic pieces and the candle and transported the cake to the party in a wedding cake box lined with non-slip rubber shelf liner.

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  1. This cake is amazing! I was going to make it for my son, who will be having two birthday parties. One will be in another state, and I was wondering how you thought this cake would be if I made it the night before, refrigerated it, and transported it? Any suggestions…

  2. I am fixing this cake for my 2 year old little boy’s b-day. I am so excited about it, I’m actually baking it right now, I am sort of worried though, I used a 10 inch round Wilton cake pan 2 inch deep, I have set the stove to 350 and baked the cake for 35 minutes now, the center of it is still jiggly so, not sure what to do now but keep baking it, if anyone can help please do so (:
    also it seems to be a pretty big cake already and I haven’t even put it together to make a 2 layer looks like it’s gonna be huge!

    Thanks a lot.

    Heather in Tennessee

  3. About the topper, I purchased mine at a Michaels store, I also did check out some of the party stores which did carry them but were out of stock at the time I went. Best bet is to go to a Michaels craft store.

  4. Once frosted the cake will hold its moisture, the frosting will dry some, but not much. I did a wedding cake and refrigerated it the night before so it would stay cool until the reception (it was middle of summer a couple hours drive away). There is a video compilation on you tube under wookiecola, diego cake. It shows some of the layers involved in making this cake.

  5. What tip did you use to create the palm trees and flowers along the sides of the cake? Also any tips on how you were able to get the blue icing so smooth down the center and side of the cake? Did you say that there is a demonstration of this cake assembly on you tube? Planning to make this cake for my 2 year old son’s b-day next month. Thanks for any help you can give.

  6. I actually went out of the box on this one, no cake toppers were sufficient in size for the cake. So, I checked the toy stores and craft stores and found a container of small rain forest animals (Michaels Store) which of course had the macaw. The extra animals became table decoration at his party, and then toys for him after the party! I would add that using toys works great, but always wash thoroughly with hot soapy water before putting them in contact with eating surfaces on the cake, even new toys have been handled at some point in time, so safety first.

  7. You can get the toppers at birthdaydirect.com. For 6 Diego cake toppers is $4.07 and for 1 candle it is $3.84 so this is a very good site to go to


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