This is the Diego mountain scene cake I made for my son’s fourth birthday, chocolate with banana flavored frosting. Cake was used to make the mountain, the rest was frosting, with the exception of the Diego candle, the plastic baby jaguar, the plastic macaw, and the plastic trees. The lookout tower was frosted cake, same with the stones and water.

It was made using Wilton 10″ cake round, I baked 3 cakes and froze them two days prior. On the day of decorating I took the cakes out one at a time, dust the crumbs off and began assembling the first two layers with banana flavored frosting in the middle. The third cake I cut into the shape of the mountain and added it to the cake as layers (with frosting in between).

I iced the whole cake with yellow frosting for a base except the mountain, it was frosted in green. I used Wilton round tips to make the stones, the Wilton grass tip for the grass, and the star tip for the ruffles. I added the plastic pieces and the candle and transported the cake to the party in a wedding cake box lined with non-slip rubber shelf liner.