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Coolest Diego With Baby Jaguar And Click Cake

The Diego sheet cake is devils food cake made from scratch, no box, and is approximately 12″ by 15″ on a 13″ by 19″ cake board. So it took two batches. The icing is all homemade buttercream with homemade marshmallow fondant pieces for the bushes and rocks and Click. I got the fondant recipe online and it was great working with this icing. Very easy to color and roll out.

The Diego picture itself is a buttercream transfer, again I found the technique online and it worked like a dream, just be sure to use your cake background color to put on last and go around all the edges. Some of my piping for the edge was a little too thin and started to crack off especially once it sat out and unfroze so build up the back well. This also gives more dimension.

Baby Jaguar is a double layer vanilla yellow cake with buttercream icing and a buttercream transfer. Both images were taken and blown up on a copier to the sizes I wanted and traced onto wax paper with permanent marker. Then I flipped the wax paper over (so make sure your image will be flipped back the right way when it’s time to put it on the cake) and began piping and filling in the right colors with icing. Froze it and put it on the cake.

Click the camera was made from the left over cut out pieces of the yellow cake, just put together in the shape of a square with a little buttercream icing to make the gray fondant stick. I simply continued to cut out pieces of fondant and layer it for all other colors, fondant simply sticks to itself. I used black icing for the eyes and outlines. Cut out a real picture of my son and stuck it to the fondant with just a little buttercream.

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  1. This was an awesome cake and I’m going to try and make it for my daughter who will be turning 4. I noticed that you said you found the fondant recipe online and something else. Could you please tell me which website you found it at. Again great cake! Thanks a bunch!

    Tricia Butler


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