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Coolest Go Diego Go Jungle Waterfall Cake

My son Apollo is currently infatuated with Go Diego Go so that was the theme for his birthday. I love to put in effort for my kids cakes so I made it myself. Chose to make an easy caramel cake for two reasons: the cake itself isn’t like boxed cakes that boast super moist (not sturdy), it had more structure I believe because it used all purpose flour not cake flour. Also, the caramel frosting hardens up to a smooth finish easily for the fondant look without the fondant taste, which I’m not fond of.

Baked the cakes (4) then made the frosting and began assembly. Two full 9″rounds, one 3/4 and then one cut in half and stacked. I didn’t wait for the frosting to harden between layer stacking (impatient!). And it was like the cake on Sleeping Beauty slipping and sliding around. Luckily, I had wooden skewers. I used three to hold in place till the frosting solidified. Made two palms from gum paste and chocolate filled wafer tube cookies. Made brown flat and covered the wafer then snipped in the palm tree texture then made green leaves snipping the separate leafs with scissors then used floral wire to attach to the trunk (shoved into the chocolate center of wafer) ended up using the wooden skewers as posts to place palms on.

Then I made the waterfall out of partially mixed blue into white icing then using a little blue piping gel to get wet look. Made green icing and piped grass. Used jelly beans and small chocolate rock candy to outline the water. Finally I placed the jungle bubblegum animals on either side of the water and Diego between the palms. The kids were thrilled to find out it was all edible! The adults thought I bought it. The last problem I ran into was the fact that the Diego candle was too close to the palms and one caught on fire, hahahaa! So he got to blow out not only his candle but a forest fire too. It was fun to make and delicious because of the caramel frosting.

Coolest Go Diego Go Jungle Waterfall Cake

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