Cool Homemade Digger Cake

I was throwing my son a party for his 4th birthday for my 3 children and some friends, so as well as the clown cake -submitted, I made this Digger Cake also. I asked him what cake he wanted and he wasn’t bothered -he just wanted the party, so I thought I’ll try a 3d cake and made this Digger Cake.

I made 3 sheet cakes made using basic Victoria sponge recipe. I then cut the cake into shapes layering them as I went to get a basic digger shape. Each layer was sandwiched with strawberry jam.

Once I had the basic digger shape, I covered the whole cake in butter icing. To make the bucket shape I sliced a layer of cake to make the bucket, stuck together with strawberry jam, again I covered this with butter icing.

Once the whole cake and bucket were covered I placed thwo white chocolate fingers as the bucket arms, all sorts of stick chocolate would work here in sure, I just personally chose chocolate fingers.

Then on the body of the digger I used custard cream biscuts and white chocolate fingers to make windows. Again any biscuits would work, you could even try other food items, good thing about this cake is there’s no hard fast rule of what to use, you can use whatever you like/have to hand.

I used white chocolate buttons to make headlights and also a row of lights on the top, also used on the digger bonnet. I then placed various jelly sweets in the bucket. This again could be adjusted instead of sweets, there could be cookie crumbs made to look like sand, chocolate cake crumbs made to look like dirt, fudge blocks to look like bricks. There are many variations which could be used.

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