Cool Homemade Digger Cake Design

After following the tips from some others online (namely the rice Krispy digging arm) I also added licorice straps and mini Oreos for the wheels. The green cake was a chocolate cake which I ‘dug’ into with a spoon to make it look like excavated earth when it was served up(not shown in photo).

I used fondant for the windows and the digger arm, I used butter icing for virtually everything else. The base of the Digger Cake Design was cut into a shallow ‘H’ shape, iced and then another butter cake dropped on top. Avoid ever using black icing after you’ve started on the rest of the case. The big challenge is getting the yellow colour consistent between the icing and fondant, do it little by little.

My son was ecstatic although did get a little upset as people began to eat it. When served it was decorated with little signs and men from his toys. I owe the design entirely to this website.