Coolest Digger Cake Design

This Digger Cake Design is the coolest digger loader cake in the world. My little boy loves construction vehicles and asked for a digger loader cake. I could not find any idea on the net that impressed me, because most people bake a plain cake and decorate them with real toys.

So this one came from my own imagination, with the help of a great husband and daddy.

I baked one sponge cake in a rectangular pan, that was cut into rectangles. Two layers for the digger loader and one small block, as a third layer, for the cab. Shape the cab a little to get the desired look. Use a small piece of cake, cut in a triangular shape for the digger loader’s ‘bucket’.

I used normal butter icing sugar and specifically used pastel colours, because the ‘correct’ yellow (for digger loaders) does not have the ‘kiddies’ look for me. I decided on blue windows for a little bit of contrast. I used thin strings of liquorish-drop as lines, also for contrast. For the loaders ‘wheels’ I took strings of liquorish-drop. This was cut into pieces of 3cm. I then stringed it like bracelet and used tooth picks to attach and suspend it into the cake.

I also used sponge cake, cut into round wheels to put into the ‘bracelet’. Two jelly sweets were placed on the roof as lights. The arm of the digger loader was made with finger biscuits, that were ‘glued’ together with icing sugar, mixed with water. This was done the previous day to give the icing sugar time to set. You have to prop it up properly to keep it in the desired position, while it set.

I used chocolate flake and small sweets as ‘soil’ for the digger loader to finish the cake.




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  1. I have been looking for ideas for a week. I want to make a excavator for my nephew. Thanks for all of the great ideas, love the the treads.

  2. I have been studying all different digger cakes for my grandson’s 4th birthday. Looks like this will be the one.. hope I can do it!!


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