I made this dinosaur birthday cake for my son for his third birthday. I used two 10′ inch round Wilton pans. You take one of the round cakes and cut it in half and then frost it together standing up on the halved sides. For the other cake you need to make a template to cut out the pieces.

You will need a head, tail, and two hind legs and four feet. I cut out a ten inch circle and played around until I was able to fit it all in the circle. Do not use a box cake recipe for this cake becausec while they are deliciously moist they crumb entirely too much and make it extremely difficult to get your dinosaur together.

Once you have all your pieces cut out and lined up together do I light “crumb coat” before using your star tip (I used Wilton #16). For the spikes I rolled out some fondant (I bought mine pre-colored) and cut out triangles. For the eyes, I used M&Ms. If you are unable to get your cake “head” to stay in place, try molding some Rice Krispy treats into the shape you want.

For the “pre-historic” terrain I frosted my cake board and then shaved chocolate on top. It was a big hit.