My Daughter wanted a dinosaur cake for her birthday, so after looking for some ideas this is what I came up with.

I made the cake in a regular 9×13 cake pan. I had a picture of the dinosaur I wanted, printed it out, and cut it out. Then I placed the picture on top of the cake and trimmed the cake into the dinosaur shape. Then, using the scraps, I traced the shape of head and legs, then placed these shaped pieces on top of the head and legs of the cake.

I spread frosting (store bought) to cover the entire cake and then covered the whole cake with green chocolate clay (can also use fondant). Using my finger I traced the head and legs to give the definition of the stacked pieces. I also used chocolate clay to form the spikes and circles (for it’s back). I glued the circles on the cake using frosting and added detail with frosting. I placed the spikes into the cake using toothpicks. I added eyes, mouth, claws on feet, and her name using frosting.

Chocolate Clay: 1 lb candy coating w/ 1/3 cup corn syrup. Mix together and place into fridge until firm. It will be hard to handle at first, but keep kneading it with your hands until pliable. Roll out.

I think the homemade dinosaur birthday cake turned out fairly well, and she adored it!!