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Cool 3D Dinosaur Birthday Cake Design

My daughter requested a “pink dinosaur party cake” for her birthday (why oh why did I even ask her?!) and I got my inspiration from this site for my Dinosaur Birthday Cake Design.

I used a pound cake recipe and filled a round cake tin (so that the cake would be about 2 inches high when risen) and a loaf pan about the same. The round cake was cut in half and both halves laid next to each other on edge for the body. The rectangular loaf cake was used to cut into cubes (legs) and wedges (tail and head).

The horns were ice cream cones, cut down to size and secured with cocktail sticks. The ruff was made with 3 wafer fans, stuck together with butter-icing and held in place with more icing (probably should have just used more cocktail sticks!)

I made a double quantity of butter-icing (using 500g icing sugar)and it was just enough. I used an icing syringe to squirt it on and then a knife to spread it out and try to get it smooth. A big blob of icing was used to shape the beak and the point of the tail.

Lastly, I used writing icing to add the details, a mini chocolate button for each eye and a slight indentation for each nostril. My daughter had also requested it be eating a flower, so I used a plastic hair-clip.

Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake Design

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