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Cool Homemade Dinosaur 1st Birthday Cake

For my son’s 1st birthday I planned everything around dinosaurs, so of course I needed a Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea! I baked 2 9” round cakes from a box and a 24 mini cupcakes. After the cakes had completely cooled I popped them in the freezer overnight.

I made a template on paper for a tail and head for the dinosaur so it would fit within one of the round cakes. On the other round cake I cut out the part for the legs on one side and left the rest of the cake as it. I did not level off any of the cakes because the roundness of the cake on top added dimension to the body of the dinosaur. I attached the head and tail to the dinosaur; you can add it to either side depending on how you cut it. I had to adjust the width of the tail and the neck so it would fit along the edge of the body better. I secured all the parts with canned frosting and a completed a crumb coat.

It’s best if the cake has been in the freezer or fridge overnight so the exposed part of the cake will be easier to frost without falling apart. After the crumb coat dried a bit, I added another thick coat of frosting for the final coat. I used orange frosting and piped different sized dots on the top part of the body and tail. And white frosting on the tips of the feet. I added one brown M&M for the eye and with white frosting I piped some teeth. I used Hersey kisses for the spikes along the tail and the back of the body. I frosted the mini cupcakes and piped Happy Birthday letters on to each one.

For the cake board, I used the back of my offset spatula and frosted a thin layer of white frosting, and then I sprinkled blue sanding sugar on the top portion and green on the bottom portion for the background of the cake.

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