My son loves dinosaurs so on my search to find out how to make a dinosaur cake, I found this site…THANKS….A few on here inspired this one.

I baked 4 9inch round cakes (I mess up a lot). I cut 1 in half and stood up on the cut edge for the body, took a small drinking glass and used like a cookie cutter for the legs then cut a flat edge for it to set down on, and free hand cut the head and tail.

The tail was much longer but it kept falling off and bending back on itself so I cut part off. Use a very thin white crumb coating then froze each piece separately then put together with white icing. Once all together I piped on the green, for the eyes and toe nail I used chocolate chips and for the spiny back I used Bugle snacks.

This was the first 3D cake I’ve ever done. He loved it