Coolest Pink Dinosaur Cake

My daughter wanted a pink dinosaur for her 3rd birthday cake. I searched online to find the perfect dinosaur cake and ended up using the idea from Tomara B. on this site. It was a hit, the kids and parents loved it.

I followed the instructions to use 2 round 9″ pans as listed and used bits and pieces to do the head and eyes. I cut marshmallows for the whites of the eyes and black ju-jubes for the centers. A red ju-jube for the tongue. The spikes on the back are Oreo thinsations cut in half and little bits to do the toenails. The eyelashes were small slices of ju-jube.

I had leftover batter that I used to make mini cakes in a mini loaf pan and made a baby dinosaur to go with it.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Pink Dinosaur Cake”

  1. I’ve already made a dragon similar to this but my niece wants a girl dino! I love to see the pink and the eyelashes!

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