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Coolest Dinosaur Land Birthday Cake

I made this homemade Dinosaur Land birthday cake for my son’s 5th birthday party. I actually came to this site to do research on the type of look I wanted before I started it. I used some of the ideas and tips others had included with their cakes.

The “cake” portion of this cake was two 15″ rectangles stacked, with two 4″ squares stacked in the back right corner, and a Wilton mini fluted mold pan layered on a 3″ round I cut to fit in the back left corner. Since making the cake was going to be time intensive enough I just used Betty Crocker box mixes in chocolate for all of the cake layers and Betty Crocker milk chocolate frosting out of the can in between the layers and on top. Then I used Wilton Ready to use Decorator Icing in white for all the colored icing on the cake. I used Wilton Icing Colors to color the icing in red, orange, yellow, blue, and green.

To make the pond, river, and volcano look more life like I melted the colored icing in the microwave a little at a time until it reached the right consistency then poured it onto the cake. I used a Wilton Grass Tip to make the grass that I spaced out all around the whole cake. Then I put rock colored Jelly Belly jelly beans around the base of the cake to look like rocks instead of just a piped frosting edge.

I crumbed Chocolate Graham Crackers and Honey Graham Crackers to make the “dirt” on the cake and to make the “dinosaur nests”. Then I put a few candy Robins Eggs inside the nests. I placed palm tree cupcake toppers all over the top of the cake and added some little toy dinosaurs. To make the Teradactyles fly I attached them to green floral wire from a craft store.

The party was the day after I made it, so I waited until right before the party started to add some packaged blue cotton candy to the base of the waterfall from the pond and the base of the waterfall off the side of the homemade Dinosaur Land birthday cake. I wish I had gotten a good picture with it done, but we had 4 birthday parties going on at once that day so I just didn’t have the time. It looked really great though!

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