Cool Homemade Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake Idea

This Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake Idea was made for my sons’ combination party. They turned 3 and 4. It is a basic Jurassic landscape with river, sand pit, tar pit and volcano. My goal was to make it look like the land was “cut” and lifted, so the edges are dirt, fossils and Magma underneath the Volcano.

I used three 11×15 pans. The first two placed width side together. The third cake I cut in half and angled the edges so that it made a sloping “hill”. The volcano was made out of brownies. The highlighted areas have sugar candy added (ash and rocks). Also the sand pit was made with sugar candy.

If you are making a large cake for a big crowd, my only advice is to bake it at a lower temperature for longer. I never let the cake finish in the oven. I take it out and cover it. It stays moist for DAYS. Good luck to any others.

Homemade Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake Idea