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Coolest Dinosaur Scene Cake Design

I started this Dinosaur Scene Cake Design with a half sheet cake base and dirty iced with green buttercream. I used Choc. fudge in one corner under the volcano (made from a sugar cone with the top cut off on top of a cupcake iced with choc. fudge icing). I used piping gel on the orange buttercream for lava.

For the lake I used blue buttercream with blue piping gel on top and added some fish sprinkles. I toasted coconut for the pteranadon nest and robin’s egg jelly beans for the eggs in the nest.

I then used Nilla wafers crushed up for the sand on the beach with nut topping for texture.

I used choc. Oreos crushed for texture around the volcano. I then piped a border with left over icing to finish it off using the leaf tip and the grass tip.

Lastly we added the plastic trees and dinosaurs.

For my son’s 4th Birthday this was his favorite idea for a cake and he loved it!




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