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Cool Dinosaur Stegosaurus Cake

My sister and me made this dinosaur cake for my son’s 4th birthday party. We used a normal chocolate cake recipe (made with real melted chocolate). My sister drew a template for the body, tail, head and legs on some greaseproof paper and used this as a guide to cut out the cake. We baked 2 round cakes (one slightly smaller) for the body and baked a large flat square cake and cut out the tail, legs and head. Leftover bits were used to build up the body of the dinosaur.

We used buttercream icing for the whole cake. We then sprinkled blue and silver edible glitter all over the cake.

We also used:

For the toes – small marshmellows cut in half

For the eyes – black fondant icing rolled into balls and slightly flattened.

For the mouth – fizzy cola strips

For the teetch and dots on the eyes – writing icing

White and dark chocolate buttons were used on the sides of the body, head and tail

Upside down cupcakes dipped in chocolate was used for the rocks to the side of the dinosaur.

The little flowers were from writing icing

The green grass was from coconut mixed with green food colouring. Spread a little bit of white icing on the board and sprinkle the green coconut over, press down slightly.

My sister and I loved making this cake and my 4 year old son was over the moon! It was a real hit with everyone at the party. Thumbs up to you sis x

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