Simple Homemade Disney Cars Cake

This Disney Cars Cake was for the son of a friend of mine. I wanted a cool CARS cake for him, and wanted to have the black asphalt somewhere on it so he could put his actual toy CARS on it.

The cakes are a 10″ and two 6″ cakes with icing in the middle, and dowel rods to ensure stability. Frosting is Wilton copper and brown smudged together to make it look like the rocks in Carburetor Canyon. The road is color flow tinted black (make up to a week in advance to let dry). The “asphalt” did crack when I peeled it off of the waxed paper, but I just added “falling rocks” out of icing to make it look like a road hazard. The CARS symbol is also color flow that I copied off of the front of the DVD case, also made in advance.

I used white icing for the hash marks on the road, which also helped hold the toys on. Wilton Kelly green for the grass, just to give it a bit different color contrast.

This was a relatively easy cake, as long as you plan in advance and get the color flow made.