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Coolest Disney Cars Racetrack Cake

I made this Disney Cars Racetrack Cake for my son’s 5th Birthday. I was quite relieved when he chose a round cake, over the more complicated 3D Lightening McQueen cakes! This is a 26cm round Madeira cake filled with “crema pasticcera” ( a thick vanilla custard style filling, very popular here in Italy).

I covered the cake first in a thin layer of butter icing, to help the fondant stick. The icing is all home-made fondant. I was having problems with my fondant sticking to my polished granite worktop, so I had to cover the sides with four sections of icing instead of one whole long piece. It would have looked neater, but it’s the best I could do, and the joins don’t show up too badly.

I made the Cars logo also with fondant, with a bit of gum traganth in it, to help keep the shape better, and used liquid silver food paint. I made the road by colouring caster sugar black. The cars on the top were my sons own. He loved it!

Homemade Disney Cars Racetrack Cake

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