Coolest Disney House Cake Design

My husband’s boss wanted an “up” cake for his son’s birthday. While I have a website and sell cakes, I do them from home and am self tought. I wanted to make this Disney House Cake Design perfect, although I would do a few thing differently, my husband found the dimensions for the house from the movie and in auto cad made templates for me.

Days before I ever baked the cake I cut a very thin piece of white fondant for each section or side of the house. I then proceeded to cut strips of colored fondant and layered it just like lap siding on the white piece. I was able to work a little for several days on these and keep them from drying out by wrapping them in cling wrap.

I carved the cake after stacking several layers, crumb coated it then placed the fondant pieces on. The balloons are what I would do differently, I used a cone and ball of Styrofoam on a dowel. I cut gumballs in half and glued them on, next time I will use circus balloon toppers (lots of them). I had to order them and did not have enough time for them to be shipped.

We had to use 3/4 inch plywood for the base and a 1×2 screwed to the plywood and that was also the chimney, so when we placed the balloons in it they would stay there and not topple over. It turned out awesome and the little boy loved it. Thanks for looking.

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