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Coolest Disney Marie Cat Birthday Cake

This Disney Marie cat birthday cake is the cake I made for my daughter’s 8th birthday. I got the idea from this website so the least I can do is try to return the favor. I have no artistic skills, but I can trace! I hope Disney doesn’t track me down.

I just made a regular rectangular cake. Frosted the cake with white frosting and tried to make it flat. I found a picture of Marie on the internet. I think I searched “Disney Marie cat image”. I found a picture of a pin that Disney put out of Marie. I printed that picture and enlarged it to the size I wanted. I made mine take up as much of an 8 x 11 page as I could get since I used a large Wilton pan that used two cake mixes.

Then I took my picture and put a piece of wax paper over it. Someone on here mentioned using black frosting for an outline like this, but I wanted the edges of Marie to be nice and sharp and not smudge. So I melted chocolate and used a Wilton writing tip (you could also cut the corner off a Ziploc bag) to trace the design onto the wax paper.

My first attempt I refrigerated the chocolate tracing and tried to place it on the cake and peeled the paper back. Everything was too warm and the chocolate melted and stuck before it came off. Second try, I put a little melted wax in the chocolate to make it harder at room temperature. I froze the tracing and refrigerated the cake for about an hour before attempting the image transfer. Working quickly, I lightly placed the tracing face down on the cake and started peeling back the paper. It worked!

Then I filled in the spots for the ears and nose and tongue with premade pink glitter frosting in a tube. And last I used purple sugar crystals to fill in and color the eyes. I wouldn’t use the sugar crystals again though because they are too hard to get in the right tiny spot. At one point I was using tweezers to pick them up where I dropped them in the wrong spot. So without any artistic ability of my own, I made an awesome cake.

My little girl hovered around me while I was tracing and was totally impressed. She loved it so much she said she wants the same cake next year. I need to work on my writing in frosting skills, but I am definitely pleased with how it all turned out. Thanks to the website for the beginning of my idea!

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