Coolest Dodgers Logo on a Baseball Cake

I was inspired by the Dodgers logo. I first baked a round cake then did a quick sketch on it so I could get the out line for the letters. To outline anything on cakes you can use the small toothpicks. But you have to do it lightly because, then you will get big holes and you wont be able to pipe the frosting on top without it sinking. And also to get your lines thin and get the perfect lettering.

I applied a thin layer of frosting and did another outline of the letters. Once I clearly saw the letters I carefully outlined the letters in black frosting then piped in the colors. Once that was done I did the outline of the baseball line and carefully  did the stitching lines in red frosting. The hat I did by tracing it with a piece of paper in a thin layer and piped it in. Then after all the lettering was done I finished the cat by using the star tip to cover all the imperfections.