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Coolest Dog Agility Birthday Cake

I made this Dog Agility Birthday Cake for the dog trainer at my agility dog club for her birthday. Just like my horse cake it is two layers of 11 x 13 Pyrex casserole pans ( I use Pam on the pans so cake doesn’t stick). This cake is all buttercream (I made in August – so I had to keep refrigerating the cake as I worked on it).

All the dog agility equipment is homemade from Balsa wood pieces bought from Michael’s craft store cut to scale, glued and painted. The dog is a Keeshound ornament bought from eBay. The paw print ribbon was bought from Jo – Ann fabrics, the dog bowl and bone and box of pedigree bones was from dollhouse furniture once again from eBay.

The tire jump is an actual dog toy from Walmart ( closest thing to size needed). The weave poles are Wilton lollipop or candy sticks and taped with colored electrical tape. It was A LOT of fun to make this cake, took about a week to make the wood pieces, to glue and paint, but I did not work on it everyday.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Dog Agility Birthday Cake”

  1. Hi, my name is Kate and i would reallllyyy love to have this cake for my Birthday on February 25th and i just think it will be wayyy to hard to make it ,do you know where i could get one near Chattanooga Tennessee?

  2. Sorry its been so long since I’ve been on this site. ALot of family stuff going on …
    I made the tunnel out of fabric from Michaels as if you were gonna make a windbreaker that kind of material. Inside the tunnel is a hard piece of wire that i shaped after it was on a bottle for awhile to get the form & then I slightly glued with fabric glue once it was inside the material to keep it from shifting.
    It was a fun one to design! I have not had any time lately for a new cake design. I’ll try to check back more often. Thanks for the comments on my cake much appreciated! :)


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