The base of this Dog Birthday Cake is the Wilton 3-D Lamb Cake Pan. The 3 visible paws are Hostess Twinkies which were cut almost in half for each paw. The tail is a licorice rope. I iced everything with pre-made Betty Crocker Chocolate frosting. I piped it on with a “grass” tip.

I started from the bottom and worked my way to the top of the cake to make sure the “hair” overlapped nicely. The eyes and nose are simply Junior Mints and the the mouth and collar are red licorice. The dog tag is a chocolate coin.

*Note, the pre-made frosting didn’t hold up very well when it got warm. A cake decorating quality frosting would have been a better choice.

I had a ton of compliments on this cake and even had strangers at the birthday venue approaching me to simply ask if they could take a picture! It was a real hit.